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Whirl-Pak® Dippers

Used for liquid sampling. The cup and tubular handle with finger grips allow for immersion into cans, bottles, tanks, vats, etc. A center rod with a finger ring activates a valve on the bottom of the cup for rapid and convenient emptying. Ideal for sampling milk, cream, whey, fruit juices, water, and liquids in general.

1.8oz: Constructed of chrome-plated brass. 17¨ (43 cm) length for immersion. Overall length: 19¨ (490 mm).

Container measures: 3¨ L x 1¨ dia. (78 x 32 mm).

3.5oz: Constructed of chrome-plated brass. 18¨ (50 cm) length for immersion. Overall length: 20¨ (510 mm).

Container measures: 4¨ L x 2½¨ dia. (100 x 40 mm).

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