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Tetra Paks® latest models offer:

  • Exceptionally efficient homogenization – the pioneering design of the homogenizing devices enables operation at lower pressure to save energy
  • Low service costs – Tetra Pak® makes extensive use of turnable parts, thus doubling their lifetime and cutting service costs by half
  • Easy access – Service-friendly homogenizer design reduces service time considerably and keeps you up and running longer
  • Hygienic Design – Homogenizers have completely separate wet- and drive-ends, as well as full clean-ability, for maximum food safety. Tetra Pak® is certified to comply with strict hygiene standards such as 3A and EHEDG
  • A wide selection including 8 different models, for capacities from 55 liters/hour all the way up to 52,300, with operating pressures up to 630 bar
  • Upgradability – a selection of performance-enhancing options that can be retrofit on your homogenizer if your demands and production requirements change, thus future-proofing your investment

Tetra Pak® delivers homogenizers for:

  • High- and low-viscosity products
  • Aseptic or non-aseptic homogenizing
  • Use as high-pressure pumps, e.g. for powders

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