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KL-TL / KB-TL Immersion Pump

KL-TL / KB-TL Immersion Pump

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump type KL-TL / KB-TL is suitable as an immersion pump for pumping mediums out of tanks and basins. Regardless of the medium's consistency, it is convoyed as careful as possible without impairing its structure and quality. The joint connections retain a uniform diameter and ensure constant flow rates, the low-pulsating and continuous pumping action of the media is indepen-dent of pressure and viscosity. A further benefit is the high level of operating safety. The configuration and length of the pump can be customized to meet the needs of the client.

Performance Data
Pump Size  Maximum particle size (inch)  Flowrate (gpm) at 350 rpm  Maximum differential pressure (bar / psi) 
20  0.94  0.15 - 9.25  12 
30  2.00  1.5 - 140.90  12 

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