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KL-SL Progressing Cavity Pump

KL-SL Progressing Cavity Pump

The pumps of the KL-SL series convince with their ease of cleaning and low dead-space construction. In this area, where there is contact with the product, the ground, electropolished stainless steel of the EHEDG certified version “Hygienic” has a surface roughness of RA ‹ 0.8 μm. Depending on the medium to be pumped, the pump can optionally be operated in a heating or cooling mode. Further quality characteristics are CIP (Cleaning in Place), low pulsation, and continuous pumping independent of pressure and viscosity. It is able to cope with longer distances and big differences in height. The KL-SL is absolutely easy to maintain and also impresses by its high level of operational safety.

Performance Data
Pump Size  Maximum particle size (inch)  Flowrate (gpm) at 350 rpm  Maximum differential pressure (bar / psi) 
20  0.94  0.04 – 20.25  48 / 696.18
30  2.00  0.15 – 140.90  48 / 696.18 
50  3.23  1.50 – 431.48  48 / 696.18 
65  3.74  5.35 – 1144.75  48 / 696.18 

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