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KL-RL Hopper Feed Pump

KL-RL Hopper Feed Pump

Pumps of the series KL-RL allow almost pulsation-free pumping of mediums. The large hopper with screw conveyor has only a minimal dead space, despite the compact construction form, and avoids stagnation zones due to its special design. The stator is equipped with a funnel-shaped inlet for optimal filling of the feed chamber. In areas which come into contact with product, the ground, electropolished stainless steel of the EHEDG-certified “Hygienic” version has a surface roughness of RA ‹ 0.8 μm. Depending on the medium to be pumped, the pump can be operated with heating or cooling options, and a variation using an attachable hopper is also possible.

Performance Data
Pump Size  Maximum particle size (inch)  Flowrate (gpm) at 350 rpm  Maximum differential pressure (bar / psi) 
30  2.00  59.44  48 / 696.18
50  3.74  198.13  48 / 696.18 
65  3.74  285.31  48 / 696.18 

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