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KL-RF Hopper Pump

KL-RF Hopper Pump

Pumps of the series KL-RF have an inspection cover, a maintenance-free mechanical seal, which is independent of the rotation direction, and the discharge nozzle has a self-emptying design. The KL-RF is available with different rotor/stator geometric forms (S-, L- and H shapes). Products are pumped in a particularly gentle way and can be optionally heated or cooled. A strength of the KL-RF is its use in plasticising blocks of fat or butter. Upon request, feed aggregates are also possible in special designs, as well as a version with an extension funnel.

Performance Data
Pump Size  Maximum particle size (inch)  Flowrate (gpm) at 350 rpm  Maximum differential pressure (bar / psi) 
30  2.00  19.81  48 / 696.18
50  3.74  66.04  48 / 696.18 
65  3.74  96.86  48 / 696.18 

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