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KB-SL Progressing Cavity Pump

KB-SL Progressing Cavity Pump

The WANGEN progressing cavity pump type KB-SL Hygienic is a further development of the pump construction series for the food industry. In this area, where there is contact with the product, the stainless steel of the “hygienic” version, after grinding and electropolishing, has a surface roughness of RA ‹ 0.8 μm. Further quality characteristics are the gentle way the product is pumped, the dead-space and low stagnation space design, the high availablility as well as the low maintenance requirement, the high dosing accuracy also at low rotational speeds and the extremely high level of safety in operation. The KB-SL is available optionally with one or two tangentially inclined cleaning connections.

Performance Data
Pump Size  Maximum particle size (inch)  Flowrate (gpm) at 350 rpm  Maximum differential pressure (bar / psi) 
20  0.94  0.04 - 20.25  48 / 696.18 

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