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18oz. Whirl-Pak® Scoop Bag
Box (50)

18oz. Whirl-Pak® Scoop Bag

  • For fast, convenient sampling of a variety of materials, the Whirl-Pak® Scoop Bag will save time and money. The sterile scoop is already contained inside the bag, eliminating the need to carry two items to collect the sample and minimizing contamination. The 2-oz. (60 cc) polypropylene scoop measures 7¨ (18.5 cm) long.
  • The white, write-on strip makes sample identification easier and more convenient. It's easy to write on this white strip using an ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker.
  • The paper-like finish virtually eliminates ink smearing, and provides a surface that will accept a variety of writing instruments.
  • Capacity is measured in fluid ounces when the bag is closed and tab is folded over three times. Volume and dimensions are approximate.
  • Bags should not be used at temperatures above 346 °F (210 °C). Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen - careful handling required after freezing.
  • All bags are sterilized after manufacturing.
  • 18 fl. oz. (532 ml) capacity. 4½¨ W x 9¨ L (11.5 x 23 cm). 2.5 mil (.064 mm) thick. Box of 50.

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